Captain Beaver Tail 

         The Northern Defenders
A proposal for a half-hour animated comedic television, showcasing the victories, struggles and occasional defeats of Canada’s foremost superhero team. It's main character Doug Gould, aka Captain Beaver Tail, is a young Mi’kmaq shapeshifter with the power to change into a human/beaver hybrid.  Whenever Captain
Beaver Tail is needed, young Doug calls upon his animal spirit guide and says, “Mkopitk’ and he is transformed into the strongest biological being on the planet.
But despite his immense strength, Captain Beaver Tail struggles under the pressures of being a superhero, fitting in with the diverse and rambunctious group of members making up the Northern Defenders and maybe his most important battle; fighting his own issues of self-confidence stemming from being so different from the rest of the world.


Janus is a psychological drama/thriller dealing with the effects of long term quilt and shame that showcases how fundamentally decent people can act in the face of dire circumstances that isn't of their own making and facing the choices that were.  



Reeling from her younger brother’s suicide, a reclusive writer named Janus Studi finds her carefully constructed false identity quickly eroding as she confronts their long buried past and her own shameful secret.

As her soul is laid bare, dark and raw emotions push to the surface that propels her onto a road of vengeance against the pedophile who destroyed both their lives.

 Now steeled with an inner resolve, she faces her own worst fears and the people trying to protect her childhood monster.

But even with her new found strength can she survive the one thing she fears the most; the truth? 

JANUS poster 2019.jpg
coming soon

Directors:  TBA 

Screenwriter:  Joseph G. LeClair and Hank White

Genre:  Psychological Thriller​