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Stone Cold Productions Limited Business Plan

9 Culrain Crescent 

Dartmouth, N.S.

B2X 2Z7


Executive Summary

Stone Cold Productions Limited is an incorporated company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and an office in LA. dedicated to diversity and Indigenous film development and production. Headed by Producer J. Hank White, of Zone 12 Native Council of Nova Scotia, it has been steadily making a name for itself in film production.



The years 2006-2021 have been very productive years for Stone Cold Productions Limited with its first major feature film, CHARLIE ZONE, Winner of several awards and sold to seventeen Countries viewed on APTN, HBO and several other broadcasters since. And with its Feature “8:37 REBIRTH (through Rebirth Films ) finished and out to market, It was produced with financial assistance from Telefilm, APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) and The Indigenous Screen Office, and written by the team of Joe LeClair and Hank White” Produced by J. Hank White and first-time Producer Marty Williams and the first feature direction by Juanita Peters. In 2022 we started filming a Feature Documentary, The S-Word Surviving Suicide on Reserve. (understanding and coping with suicide on Reserves).


We see the future as being even more promising, as our company expands in 2022. Jeffrey's Turn, written and Directed by Glen Gould (Mi'kmaq Actor) followed by the feature films JANUS (Thriller) and Hard Core (Dramady) in development with assistance from APTN; Nova Scotia Culture and Heritage script development fund and Investment from Stone Cold Productions. all scheduled for late 2023/24



We are well into the development of the Animation series Captain Beaver Tail and the Northern Defenders with the animation company Cartoon Conrad. In development on the Comedy series Production Values with funding from Nova Scotia Culture and Heritage script development fund.


Some recent highlights include:

Ring of Fire: The Life of Annie Mae Aquash - We are the Canadian Producer Documentary series in production 2022/23
We Could Be Heroes – Executive Producer, Production Company, DFM Creative written by Mark Elias (9-1-1: Lone Star) 2022/23

​ Reservations for Three was filmed in Beverly Hills California, Ex-Producer Hank White, Produced by Michael Mason Directed by Steven Bennett and edited in Toronto by Michael Mason

 2014 Sailor Moon the Movie: Pretty Soldier Associate Producer, Directed by David Paritsky, NYC

 2013 WISP- Producer Executive Producer with Dream Front Entertainment. Low-budget thriller Feature.

 2008- FRACTURED- (drama- 15 minutes) premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival and broadcast on CBC.

 2007 THE DECISION-- This short film produced by Stone Cold was distributed by Ouet Media, located in Toronto.

 2006 Stone Cold Productions was the Second Unit Producer for Quibo Films of Bermuda for the documentary WALKING ON A SEA OF GLASS- THE KINGSLEY TWEED STORY, which was broadcast in the United Kingdom as well many film festivals.

 2005 CAB DRIVER- (comedy/drama) A 30-minute film dealing with regret and bad life choices. (this started the first Shadow Program) Shown at the New Brunswick Film Festival. This film has recently been purchased by the CBC in 2010.


Company Principles

DIVERSITY  - "What's that person's point of view"

"We firmly believe in the strength of diversity." Stone Cold Productions has prided itself on its integral role in the development of the Indigenous and Visible Minority Shadow training program. The Mi'kmaq/Maliseet, Nations are under-represented in the cast and crew of the film industry in the Maritimes. With each film we have done, we strive to perfect the “Program.” Now Screen Nova Scotia has taken over the program 

AMBITION - "We can and will do this!"

Each year as our experience grows so does our ambition. And we think this is a good thing--a very good thing.

The Future of Stone Cold Productions 

  Indigenous Film Shadowing Program

Based on the fact there were no Indigenous members of the DGC Atlantic and, in tune with his Employment Equity efforts to bring Diversity to the Film industry, Hank White created the Indigenous Shadow Program. The main function was to provide a chance for Indigenous to obtain experience in the film and television production industry in Atlantic Canada. 

Purpose: To use Film and Television Productions to address identified human resource (crew) needs (Indigenous) in the film and television industry.

Background: Producer writer Hank White along with Producer writer Joe LeClair, started Stone Cold Productions in April 2006. Since that time, the production house has established a sound track record.  Over the past twenty + years Hank White and Stone Cold Productions (SCP), in association, has produced Short film “Reservations For Three” (with Director Steven Bennett and LA producers Anthony Kantor Michael Mason, Leann Bishop and Kelly Perine.  “Curtains” by Sarah Gignac, "Intersection", "The Cab Driver" “The Decision”, and “Fractured”.  SCP was the second unit production team on the documentary “Walking On a Sea Of Glass”, “The End of Apartheid in Bermuda”.  Hank was also successful in raising production financing for “The Other Game” and
producing this project with HALIFLICKS PRODUCTIONS.   Hank has worked as Production Manager on several provincially funded commercials (diversely cast by Hank) for the Provincial Department of Communications. 


Hank produced, the gritty multi-award winning feature film “Charlie Zone” (budget 1.2 million), with Joe LeClair as writer and theatrical release in early 2013 then released on DVD and later shown on Superchannel, Hollywood Suite, and Itunes. It has been sold in several territories overseas, including a theatrical release in Japan. Hank won Best Indigenous Producer for Charlie Zone at the ImagiNative Film Festival and at Dreamspeakers Film Festival. His current Feature 8:37 REBIRTH, which he co-wrote with film partner Joe LeClair is in post-production and is scheduled to make the festival rounds in September 2021 is the second film to employ the Shadow Program (six Indigenous men and women).  



Indigenous Crew Cast and Director

Stone Cold Productions has and will continue to offer The Shadow Program as an Indigenous skills development initiative on many of its projects, and it is proposed for the feature film “Jeffrey’s Turn” a film written and directed by Glen Gould. And the Animation feature written by Hank and Joe and to be co-directed by Hank with Cartoon Conrad’s animation director Adam King.

What is the Shadow Program? The vision of the Shadow Program for the films is to have Indigenous trainees from the Ontario and Atlantic areas to shadow some of the major positions in the film as well as employ Indigenous crew in as many positions as available. Each Shadow trainee working on the project will receive set etiquette training prior to working on set. They will receive a credit in the film as Assistant to the position they shadow in the shoot, i.e. Assistant Gaffer, Wardrobe Assistant, Makeup Assistant, and Assistant to the Producer etc. This experience and training will assist them in working on future film shoots in the province, plus the industry will be better for having more diversity in its ranks. 


Why did we choose this avenue?
Hank White Mi’kmaq Acadian Métis, ancestry, is a member of Zone 12 Nova Scotia Native Council and award winning Producer (multiple awards with the feature film Charlie Zone), Award winning activist (2008 PWGSC, Minister’s Employment Equity Award of Excellence) for equal rights for many years with PWGSC as a Real Estate Advisor and was a founding member of the National Council of Aboriginal Federal Employees 1988 and the Action Committees for human rights and Anti-Racism. He worked at organizing conferences for racially visible members, Aboriginal Peoples and workers with disabilities. In 2004, the first network of Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis members was formed to advance their rights within and beyond the union. Hank retired for the
Federal Government in 2008 to pursue his passion in film. 

How will the shadow program work?

Industry Development: An industry study pointed clearly to the significance of Film, Television and Series production as crucial to the development and sustained growth of our industry. It states, “The local industry needs film and television series to provide the kind of sustained growth around which it can build”. But as well as the production this industry needs the human resources to meet the demands of that particular genre; especially in production.
While we have many US and Canadian MOWs and Feature Films Produced here in the past years but due to Government cuts a large pool of our most gifted crew had to leave the province of Nova Scotia to pursue employment in other provinces. We are now trying to rebuild a pool of competent production personnel with a new diverse voice and vision. The Shadow Program will enable this pool of professionals to grow with a previously underrepresented group.

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